Sunday, November 16, 2008

Battle of the Forms

Professor K gave us a 2-207 question. It wasnt so bad.

The lil' blue house broke my heart on Sat. because it just wasn't perfect. Oh well moving on. I'm handling business today, buying some damn food so I can quit living off of ridiculous crap like gummy bears and wine. Yes, my diet is evolving. It went from a cheeze it fetish to a gummy bear obsession? I could think of better more productive ways to satisfy my cravings but I just don't have time-- so i eat junk instead. My body hates me...This week I am going to repair it...detox from this sugar and get some damn vitamins in my poor body.

I'm off to Trader Joes :) and Target. Then coming home to clean the shit hole and study for the rest of the evening. All i have left on my Contracts outline is unconscionability, duress, and infants, for Torts all I have left is Proximate Cause and then..........I'll go through my briefs pencil in some shit to add to the outlines, then final draft--print--tab and learn the fucking law.

All this work and I havent even memorized the law yet. I know that's the easy part but I can't help but be afraid that I don't get through it all. I'm done reading for both classes. Shit! I forgot I have to finish my final draft memo tonight. Oops. Ok off to work!


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