Monday, November 17, 2008

The Monday List

Sometimes, at very random times in my life, I am a complete tight ass with money. There are things I have needed for some time now. Yesterday I bit the bullet and bought the following items:

  • A fan (my lil house has no air circulation and it bothers me)
  • A new alarm clock (my other one was 8 years old and falling apart) with an ipod attachment :)
  • A desk lamp (my house no longer resembles a mental hospital with every light on at odd hours)

And guess what....I don't feel guilty. Actually I am quite pleased.

Here is my Monday List.

1. I woke up on time and was able to do my hair for work!!! (and everyone noticed lol)

2. I only ate 2 oreo's today

3. I took a four hour nap in the middle of the day

4. I was super productive at work today

5. My boss bought me lunch (and I ate spinach!! :) )

6. I only drank 3 cups of coffee

7. One of my fave blogs put me on her blog roll and my traffic has increased a lot!!! Thanksss!!

8. Today is my favorite and only sisters bday

9. My house is clean

10. No parking tickets in a couple of weeks!

Wow that is substantial....(sarcasm) oh well that was a shitty post. If you want to read some good stuff go check out this blog.

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