Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gucci, Channel, Coach or LV?

Remember the days when every girl 12 and up had a $300-$1,000.00 purse? Well I never did. I used to watch these people who had mysteriously gone from rags to riches parade around town in their $300 jeans and think....where the hell do they get the money for this shit? Personally, it seems tacky to roll around town with your $300 jeans and $700 purse and your $12 target shirt and no gas in your car...(priorities a lil mixed up?) But now--no more purses and jeans and still not gas for your car.

I'm speaking about people I know personally, not necessarily friends but just people I know. With the economy sinking I find myself in the same spot I was back when the purse thing started--broke. The difference between me and them is I never became accustomed to a better way of living. Shit if I have quarters for laundry and fresh produce I am perfectly content. The point is the economic recession has not affected me yet. Well not directly. This is how it has put a damper on my day, and believe me I feel lucky that this is all I live without.

1. Compliments of the Boss man--No more huge breakfast spreads at work every Monday from the gourmet deli with cold cuts and salads for lunch. (food lasted till Weds) Never had to grocery shop.
2. Compliments of the Boss man--no more bottled water
3. Compliments of the Boss man--no more parking in structure
4. Compliments of the family--Gramma and Aunt didn't send the usual $ for the bday this year. First time in my life either for them didn't send a card?!?
5. Compliments of my Dad-- Significantly cut the bday $$ he is still very generous but I took a $300 cut this year.
6. No one will eat lunch out with me anymore (saving money)
7. Groceries are more expensive than eating out when you are single! Target has half loafs of bread now though!!

That's pretty much all so far. It's a good time to be a student. Even though I am a non trad student it's still acceptable for me to be broke. And it's not like I'm starving trust me the cupboards are loaded with cheezits, cookies, and gummy bears. I also added a few choice veggies and milk this week ;)

Keep ur chins up kids this is all gonna be a-ok, it always is!!


Nichicakes said...

I'm a cheap ass at best, Ross, Walmart & Target do me just fine. And if I do buy something elsewhere, it has to be on clearance. I would never buy a purse that cost more that what I can put in it. That's like 1000 dollar rims on your beat 1982 ford escort. I kind of wish I was a tightwad, I did go buy CD's today but one was on sale and two were used + 20% off! Woot!

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of us are thinking "thank god we're in school."

I wish they would let us have jobs though.