Saturday, November 29, 2008

What now?

You mean I have to actually read these outlines after I make them? How is everyone studying? What are you doing? Help?


Megan said...

i make flashcards from my outline of all the thing i need to memorize then wittle the down and out of the pile once i memorize them. usually start w/about 100-200 cards per class then closer to exam time have wittled down to 20-30. (s/a card for negligence, w/all req elments on the back) its a bit more work but really helps me to focus on what i need to memorize. also helpful to number them and study them in a particular order, that way during the final i can recall all the cards in order to make sure i didnt forget anything! hope this helps!!

JD-Maybe said...

Im on it! tomorrow I will make flashcards