Saturday, November 1, 2008

Why do you blog?

My whole life my loving mother told me how narcissistic I was. I guess I am but what I really want to know is why people blog. I would say maybe a handful of people check out my blog so it can't be that I am trying to say anything substantial that will touch or effect other people. My blogging habit began in April and I have faithfully posted since. Maybe a better explanation is that I like to hear myself talk or think. Or maybe its a coping mechanism. Being a deep thinker is a burden and there are times when I am exploding inside with strange thoughts. Instead of troubling my poor friends with my random mumblings I decided to blog.

Keeping track of my first year in law school is important to me because I can't wait to look back and laugh. (hopefully not cry) But in addition to venting I have discovered information provided by other bloggers that I may not have found had I not obsessively followed a million blogs.

None of this is going anywhere and I really have no particular point. Just feeling restless and anxious and needed to get it out. I should be studying, cleaning, doing laundry....

Not having T.V. might also be a huge factor in my blogging habit. I have no other way to relax and decompress at home. Unfortunately, in order to afford my parking tickets I can't get cable. Yes, I paid $247.00 in tickets this month! That's a whole other problem.

I would have to say the main reason I blog is to TRY and become a better writer. I haven't put much effort into being technically correct with grammar or punctuation or sentence structure but I don't feel my efforts are worthless. The bottom line is I have no time for hobbies so this is it! Oh my god this might be the worst post I have ever done yet.

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Anonymous said...

I think blogging is a great way of documenting the law school experience...also, (if you're not going law school at the same place you got your undergrad)it's a great way to stay in contact with your 'friends' from back home.