Monday, December 22, 2008


I made up this little lullaby for my newest niece cuz she is sweet like candy.

Abi-ghelly...Abi-ghelly you and ur lil round belly
Your dimples so cute and ur diapers so smelly
Ohhhh OH ohhhh Abi-ghelly
I wanna bite your cheeks off and squeeze u till u squeak
Ohhhh OH ohhhh Abi-ghelly
U love ur auntie and ur auntie loves you...except when your diapers leak
Abhi-ghelly....Abi-ghelly Ill day dream about ur lil sweet face
Till tomorrow baby girl. Your mommy better watch you close
Otherwise Im gonna put u in my purse and you will disappear with out a trace

Dont worry guys my sister said I could have one of them. Man this little baby is like crack. When she is around I can't take my eyes off of her. She is four months old and the cutest damn thing you ever saw. She smiles and coos and looooovvvves kisses. I love all the kids but man this lil baby has stolen my heart.

I decided again today that I do not want kids. Seriously. I can't imagine all the delays, clean ups and not being free to come and go. I just dont want a kid. So aside from my pregnancy phobia and my fear of raising a hell child having kids is not in my cards. Come to think of it I dont even remember wanting kids when I was young. My little sister has 4 and thats enough.

My dream husband will have a dead mom (I hate mother in laws) and maybe a kid or two from a previous thing, that will be just perfect for me. The kid can stay at our house and I'll be motherly but then it can go home. The best of both worlds.

p.s. the mall sucks ass and I hate people. Why does EVERYONE IN ARCADIA where dirty vans and skinny jeans with their fat rolls hanging out everywhere. God I hate skinny jeans on the wrong people and most people are wrong.

OH I got drunk at Chuckie Cheese today...that is the only way you will get me to go there is if you promise I can have beer.

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Anonymous said...

FINALLY! Someone who believes there's beer at Chuck E. Cheeses!!! none of my friends ever believed me...until i took them there on my 22nd birthday to prove it.

and i agree - MUCH more fun tipsy ;)