Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fashion Girlz and mini Divas

Day number 5 with the kiddos. My strategy is usually to watch the kids at home while my sister and her hubby roam around town clueless. Not really but they have things to do and they don't do it!! My sister and I are as close as they get but as we grow older I notice the one big problem is that I am a getterdone kinda gal and she is a procrastinator, do everything the hard way, take the scenic route kinda gal. So when it comes to things like last minute Christmas shopping and making plans and being on time she fails. On the other spectrum I'm super neurotic and overly harsh about her lackadaisical attitude. I mean there is shit to be done...LETS do this.

Needless to say no Christmas shopping was accomplished between her and I and we are still at square one with one day to go. So while my dearest sissy attempted to get pics developed I took the two girls, my 4 year old niece Kayla and her 5 year old cuzin Clara to the park. And guess what Auntie let them do.....dig in the dirt---in their nice clothes----for hours. I also let them climb trees and other dangerous but exciting for kids stuff. AND it was free! Who needs stupid Chuckie (How the fuck you spell that I don't know) Cheese. I don't do Disney, I don't do Hanna Montana and I'm just into mischief when it comes to kids.

Listening to these lil divas was hilarious. Everything out of their mouths was about what fashion girlz do and do not do. For example according to Kayla, "Fashion girlz like grown up shoes like General Hospital. Fashion girlz like to talk on the phone and have cute puppies." Then good ol' semi dysfunctional Clara chimes in...."Yeah fashion girlz have cigarettes too." WHO the hell taught her that!!! This fashion girl bullshit went on for hours. But I'll tell u what I'm the best Auntie in town cuz i let them do dangerous stuff like climb trees, get filthy dirty, and spill bubbles all over grandpas' patio.

That's my role in all of this...to be the one who has no rules. That's all. But that is exactly why my cats are hell raisers because I never disciplined them. Think about it in the big scope of things...in life there are 4 year olds with muddy pants and then their are halfway delusional, mentally and socially retarded 1L me. Things could be so much worse and if I could take back my life for a day and dig in the dirt I would def. do it.

Ok, my boss is buying breakfast for the last 4 of us tomorrow. He said I could have 1 item off the dollar menu and that's it. Yippy! Can't wait. Think I'll smuggle in Mimosas. Tomorrow is kid free day, just me and presents to wrap. Maybe I'll look at my bank account but not likely.

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