Sunday, December 14, 2008


That was a sigh of relief. I haven't been home for dayyyys! I spent all last week in the City I go to school living like a homeless person, roaming from house to house for free coffee, food and sympathy. Then I spent the weekend with my lil' sister the dog. Who I really don't like.

Nothing fucking works at my dads house. I could not for the life of me get the TV to work, the printer to print, my computer to get online, or the heater to shut off. I think I broke everything at least twice and yes I left it all broken and bailed this morning.

I emailed the study buddies and told them I was sick (eeek karma). I need some solo study time I spend all my energy "discussing" concepts. Which I have said from the beginning I don't have any trouble with. Memorization is what i need to do! Anywhoooo...I made it back to L.A. And on the way home I gave myself a pep talk. Because where I am at right now is passing and all it will take to do better than that is a lil dicipline. I am just sooooo fucking sick of looking at this shit. However, the extra work will most certainly take me above passing.

Because of my absence my cats were dying a lil' inside...I could tell. So I snuggled em' up, gave them some yummy treats, and cleaned my house. Not clean by my mother's standards but clean to where bugs are not crawling on my open box of cheerios, the liter box is shitable, and there is almost no cat hair anywhere, sheets are in the washer, and the desk is sanitized and ready to go. Its so therapeutic to be in a clean and comfy spot to study. Got a pot of coffee brewed, gonna shower and get all pretty then study for the rest of the night. Might take a stroll to starbucks for a change of scenery in a few.

Feelin good kids! Hope you are all doing well!

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