Saturday, December 13, 2008

Exam Progress

Where am I? Ok, been getting a solid 5 -8 hours in per day. Spending a lot of time at the law library because my law library is not crazy?! And I have no idea why? Well I sort of do. The law school messed up scheduling somehow and my cohort got a reading week where others did not. This means that a good majority of the school is done with finals and mine are next week.

My classmates have shown some unusual true colors lately. Their arrogance and confidence has dissipated and they have all become so much nicer. Even though I liked them before I was intimidated by their "front" of being brilliant. And my school doesnt even have brilliant. The pressure is huge because people think I am working a lot harder than I am. Unfortunately, life happens and I have missed some valuable time with things like, dog sitting for my dad, running all over hell and back to get a new computer and working.

Hopefully in the next 3.5 days before torts I will get all the way there and 4.5 with contracts. I am sure I am already at a passing level but as we all know passing is not enough. My emotional adjustment with law school (ups and downs) happened a lot sooner than most people in my class which made me soooooooooooo happy. Because all of the sudden everyone became so unhappy and I had already gone through it so I was happy again. I do still love this.

Here I am belly full of coffee getting ready to shower put makeup on and GET DRESSED then off to the library. I am over that whole "the shittier I look the harder I must have worked" thing. It's not as fun as I thought it would be. Being all tore up just makes me tired. So time to psych everyone out with my fresh face and amazing stamina---good luck to all!!!!!!!! I can't wait till I have time to peruse all my favorite blogs again!


Anonymous said...

Arg. I left a lengthy comment that blogger ate.

The gist: good luck on your finals and thanks for the offer! MS Word recovered everything + I'm a book briefer so all the important stuff is in a non electronic-fuckupable format!

Also, re: looking presentable... half of the class looked like shit reheated after our first exam.

Remember that it's going to be a tough career and all the girls who decide to look at hot mess just because they are busy are in for a life as a Janet Reno impersonator.

Anonymous said...

i'm finally free! for the next week anyway. :) i thought i had more time before i had to start studying for the bar. anywho, good luck on the rest of your exams! i know you'll do extra well!

JD-Maybe said...

no634-Thank you! You are right if we can't hold it together now who is to say what will happen when we get jobs! Dress for the job you want! People just like presentable people better it says a lot about your character.

Mark....darling!!!! I AM SOOOO EXCITED! Study hard for the bar and if you need a refresher on torts and contracts I AM YOUR MAN!
p.s. I think about your 1L advice everyday and I have tried to keep a handle on it from day 1. Now whether or not it helps me....who knows! It can be argued that I am a lil slow ;) xoxo! PS I quit Mlaw! Wooohooo!