Wednesday, December 17, 2008

And that is why you work here....

Not to be super bitchy...but I am tired and I do not have patience for shit like this:

Super stupid waiter boy: "Can I get you anything to drink?"
Me: "Yes, coffee and water please."
Super stupid waiter boy: "Wow you have a lot of books, what are you studying?"
Me: "Contract law"
Super stupid waiter boy: "OH YOU ARE GONNA BE A COP!!! AWESOME!"
Me: "ummm, yeah."

Then a fucking boat load of frat boys, and their mascot entered my silent little haven and poisoned it with F-bombs and mindless chatter about all the oh-so daunting life of being an undergrad. FUCK YOU FRAT BOYS! I hate you because you are loud, obnoxious, pretentious, arrogant, and most importantly I CAN SMELL THE MILDEW ON YOUR DRAGON SUIT FROM SIX TABLES AWAY.

It's cold. I'm tired. My work let two people go today, my sister and her entire huge family are coming Friday, I am moving in two weeks, and I forgot about Christmas. Leave me alone life!


Americas Next Top Lawyer said...

You sound like you just need a Happy New Year Wish and "here's to 2009."

TJ said...

*hugs* Try kicking something...maybe the frat boys. That helps.

JD-Maybe said...

Thanks girls!! You are right I did need that. There is a food chain in life and I need to learn tolerance. I hate frat boys!