Monday, December 1, 2008

Attention Law School Bloggers

I have never had a hobby before, never played sports, was not involved in any and I mean ANY extra curricular activities EVER. I always wanted to write or blog but didn't think I would stick with it or even try it. Now I'm hooked and I just love it to death!! To all of you out there in law school Internet land, Thankssss!!!

You guys have kept me sane! I wish you all the very best of luck with finals. Thank you for all the words of encouragement, tips on studying, exam taking, coping and the many laughs you have all provided! I can't wait to see what we all have in store next semester! Unless I end up at the bottom 5% but I wouldn't bet on that ;)


Anonymous said...

Tee hee! Good luck on your exams ;) Remember not to sweat the gunners and Trollops.

Anonymous said...

Kick some ass. You will be fine.

Also, my favorite Nietzsche quote is on your blog right now. Beware the abyss, which is a fantastic metaphor for law school and the law world in general.