Monday, December 1, 2008

Now youre feeling like a Hot Girl!

I've been very uninspired lately. Nothing has triggered any great insights to share. Could it be that my lack of social life has left me with nothing more to say? Maybe. I started flashcards yesterday. I've gained 7lbs. I'm dying to go dancing. And that's about all. There was a lil neighbor drama (I wasnt involved)

My lovely gay psychic friend (aka cheech) was screaming on the top of his lungs at someone accusing them of using him and calling her a bitch 8 thousand times. I didn't hear a response from her? What is funny about that-- is that an hour or so earlier I saw some new people moving into that building they were blissfully oblivious to the months of hell they will soon endure. This is the building that houses the screamer (by the way...the screamer is a lezbian)and the asian mailorder bride couple. The new people must have been gone when cheech was yelling because I heard the girl say to her poor unsuspecting boyfriend, "I think I really like it here." HA! Do they have a surprise coming. That building is THE most dysfunctional one around here. I never hear domestic disputes, or anything of the sort in my building. Lucky for me my windows face the other building so I hear it all.

Ok, Im off to the gym to seduce the guys in the weight room with my interpretation of the stair climber to TI's porn star. Right.....don't lose your lunch over that visual. Ugh!

**On my way to the gym cheech gave me an update. He was fighting with the firecrotch next door because she wouldn't give him any of her left over turkey. And I totally understand you see, I did not get any left overs and I am quite bitter over it. No...none for me it was all pretty much gone by the time I got to it! Poor cheech. I think I'll go get him a rotisserie chicken from Ralphs.

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