Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I almost had it (inspiration) but it has left me

1. Professor K tried to put me on blast and instead I put his ass in his place! About an hour into his furious lecture, (he was sweating like a pig) he decided to YELL, "Miss JD why are preliminary negotiations not an offers!!!!" I literally jumped because he hadn't called on anyone yet and he is the master of the real true paper chase style socratic method. So then he says, (after my face turns purple) "You didn't think Id call on you did you?!?" In that GOTCHA tone of voice followed by a loud cackle from the back of the room. When I say very arrogantly, "I CAN answer the question!" (he looks pleased), and I answer it and he says in his oh so delighted tone "CORRECT!!" So fuck you turd in the back and fuck you professor K...I GOT THIS!

2. I was so damn inspired earlier today by an article I read in one of my Glamour magazines that is probably 6 months old but I never have time to read them. I took it to the gym and learned all about this great big society of perfume lovers!!! OMG! It's like discovering a support group for some rare disease! I had so many great things to say about this but Im just too freakin tired. I hope I will get to it because it was fascinating and made me feel so much better about my obsession with scents. I'll add this to my list of hobbies so far Im at 3: Blogging, working out/nutrition (dont laugh Im serious), and perfume sniffing!! Yeahhhh! Im becoming interesting or weird.

3. Professor K suggested we give our loved ones the restatement for xmas just to weird them out, I think that is a GREAT idea since they all think Im sitting around picking my ass for hours on end.

4. I really like my class they are freakin cool people (hope I don't eat my words)

5. I need a job

6. I need to move

7. I need to get cracking on studying. I'm only spending like 3 maybe 4 hours a day.

8. Nothing else to say.

Sweet law school exam dreams to all!!


Anonymous said...

Hah, I can just imagine how family would react to getting a legal restatement as a gift... they'll be convinced that you've become an eccentric academic!

Does your professor ACTUALLY yell at you? ...thank god for Minnesota nice.

I think you'd like the movie "Perfume" if you haven't seen it already.

JD-Maybe said...

Yes, he does yell its part of his act. His point is that we need to be able to think on our toes at all times, he noticed I was really intently looking at my computer screen, it was review night and I was formatting my notes buttttttt I had one ear on him so I was listening.

I am going to buy that movie (used of course) online right now!!!! I have not seen it. I swear I had no idea people felt the way I do about it. Obviously I am no where near as knowledgable as them but now I can learn all I want to know!! this really did make me very very happy!

TJ said...

GO YOU!!! Show that prof. that you got this. I swear they all think we are dumb shits and that they are oh so tricky. We're onto you profs. so BRING IT ON!