Thursday, January 8, 2009


Okay my poor abused Sammy (cat) is laid out with a fever...surely a stress induced fever from his mom assaulting him with a water bottle for like 6 hours straight. That cat is going to be the death of me. I love him so much but I can't fuck up here --its not my house. Anyway, he's been sleeping for hours which means he will be up all night long. Cant wait.

This post is about bonding with your new house. Today I built a bookshelf (superfun) and cleaned miles and miles of hardwood floor. Each and every meticulous little item is also carefully dusted or windexed. This boy is going to be high maintenance for some girl. He is beyond clean. On the bright side, working my ass off in here and cleaning made me feel more at home and the house is so nice and airy and fresh. If I were him....I'd bring me flowers. My room is still a work in progress but the book shelf made a HUGE difference I mean HUGE. And then again on a sad note I lost my brand new watch. Moving drunk is a bad bad bad idea. I have no idea where anything is and i think my brand new laptop was in the back of the uhaul and is now malfunctioning. Perfect!

OH! I cut about 7 inches off my hair!!! and guess what.....Not one person has noticed it? I guess thats good unless it is one of those things where it looks so bad you don't say anything? Don't know. All I know is I missed blogging so bad those five long days i spent intoxicated and I feel like I am getting out of this stupid step at a time. If you pray....please send two out for me---1. grampa is ok and 2. Sammy doesn't die from me abusing him and he gets nicer. The end. xoxo


Anonymous said...

How does the neat freak respond to animals? True neat freaks don't have any living things (plants/animals/kids) in the house...

JD-Maybe said...

which is exactly why I am not sleeping because I know he doesnt like animals and which is exactly why he will never dust or vacuum again because I will make sure he never deals with cat hair...which is why im so damn stressed out :( He does not have any plants or any other living things including kids here...he is legit neat freak