Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bring it!

God! I can't wait to start school again. I hate having so much time on my hands and I'm tired of socializing...yes, I said it. I guess being a loner for so long then turning into a 24 hour party girl was just a shock to the system...Me time is so necessary. Tomorrow. I swear. Here's a good story--and it's true and I don't care if you hate me for it.

One dark and stormy night this idiot tried to play me for a fool...and boy is he sorry. Anyway, I sorta kinda dated him unofficially in L.A. for a short time. The Friday before I moved I ran into him at the club. We hung out talked and kinda made out a lil' nothing serious. He took me and my best friend home at the end of the night. We were eating and out of the clear blue he told me he wanted ME to hook him up with my best friend, who was passed out asleep on the couch. I freaked the fuck out and chased him out the front door. Well then lucky me...we run into him again the next night but this time I had back up. The ex boyfriend (we're cool like that ;) ) and I went up to dick face and told him that my best friend wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. I was satisfied.

It took me till Thursday (a few days ago) to admit this happened to my best friend. I mean common I felt like a jackass. WHO DOES THAT? So I told her and she began plotting. And that is when the best revenge on earth happened. My best friend texted dick face and asked him if he wanted to get dinner Sat. (yesterday) He replied immediately that he would and they made plans to meet in L.A. at 8pm. We hung out all day and waited for 8pm. Then she called him and told him she was running late stuck in traffic and asked him to order her a glass of wine. Around 830pm we call the restaurant and tell the hostess to tell dick face his date wasn't coming. We waited about 15 more minutes and texted him. I won't tell you what I said but here is what my BFF said, "Us girls have a code and you should know that I wouldn't touch your disgusting sloppy seconds to save my life, so go fuck yourself ...weirdo!"

This fool probably showed up with flowers (I swear) thinking MY best friend would go behind my back and date him....are you freaking serious? NO WAY. It just wouldn't happen. But I am glad he went through the effort of thinking he had a date, went to the restaurant, was seated and ordered her a drink before he was told ..........YOU JUST GOT PUNKED SUCKA! HA!

My guy friends that witnessed all this go down yesterday are a just a bit afraid but I assured them that this was not an ordinary event for us. Dick Face really tried to pull a fast one on me and there is no way in hell I would let him get away with it. If you are thinking what he did wasn't that bad well lets just say I left out a few details that make his actions worse than they seem here. I promise he deserved this... one will treat me like a whore and get away with it!

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Anonymous said...

for a second there i thought your title was "Bling it!" and i got excited...but your stories still entertained ;)

Happy Spring Semester?!