Monday, January 26, 2009

Explain it to Gramma

That's what my contracts professor says when he wants us to explain doctrine aka the wonderful world of restatement 2d. If you ever wondered if you have learned anything in law school get a roommate who is taking business law in junior college. Then tell him to forward you his briefs. The briefs that are structured according to IRAC per his professor. Then pull up the case which is cited wrong at the top of his brief, read the case, and red line the shit out of it. Fill it with so much legalese his head begins to spontaneously combust. If he runs out of the room or falls asleep while you are talking you have accomplished your goal.

Poor poor roommate. I am sure his professor isn't concerned with his knowledge of a directed verdict, nor does she care about the minority and majority rule on false imprisonment. To her great dismay, my roommate will show up to school tomorrow with a brief reminiscent of her 1st year in law school. I just hope she doesn't ask him how the hell he knows all this or who the hell did his homework for him....Shit maybe I'll try to teach him everything I know and then he can take the bar and skip the law school drama...that would be my contribution to society. An ill trained lawyer with no formal law school training. Sounds fun doesnt it. Well too bad cuz he is MY roommate and you guys can't have him. My project. Unless he decides to retreat to starbucks to do his homework in peace without my constant nagging about his incorrect use of the word "guilty" vs. "liable."


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