Thursday, February 5, 2009

I'm Alive

and well. Couldn't be happier. I was inundated with horror stories and advice to not go through with my "enhancement." But I did it anyway. I was in a fairly high level of pain yesterday but today I am feeling great. I'm moving around fairly easily and super excited to take the bandage off. Wooooo hoo. I do miss my car already though. Ok im doped up more later.

p.s. if someone you know has already gone through with something do NOT question their decision especially when it's irreversible and none of your damn business! Thanks.. ;)


me said...

glad you are doing okay post surgery. It will take a few weeks for all of the swelling to go down, but then you will get a good look at what you've got!

Megan said...

are you going to tell us what you did????

JD-Maybe said...

I got a breast augmentation

BA said...

Enjoy those painkillers while they last!

I'm glad you're doing alright. Good luck with the recovery!