Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Being 4 is priceless

LizzyBear : oh too bad so another funny thing in my life that is really getting to me but I have to ignore
LizzyBear : makaela is obsessed with wearing dresses
LizzyBear : like formal dresses to not so formal places
LizzyBear : today she had on a big formal dress like the one she wore to moms wedding
LizzyBear : I told her it was to cold so she went upstairs put on a pair of black leggings
LizzyBear : I asked her to put on her jeans and she got mad and hid in her closet so I said fine wear your dress but put on some socks
LizzyBear : she came out with a black and white dress black leggings and purple socks
LizzyBear : I have a dress code in my family and she does not follow it
LizzyBear : so I made her put on white socks and took her out to dinner at a kinda crappy restaurant in a very formal dress with dressy shoes and all of her big fake purple bracelets and rings on
LizzyBear : last week she was wearing her bathing suit under her dresses so at least shes not doing that anymore but god help me girls are such a handful compared to boys
R: this is sooooo fucking funny
LizzyBear : for who you not me
LizzyBear : so i decided does it really hurt me
LizzyBear : not really so I am going to let her wear whatever she wants
LizzyBear : its everyday so I will take a picture tomorrow I am sure it will be interesting
LizzyBear : I think it was Saturday that she had on a summer dress with fluorescent greens and pinks with navy blue socks I mean seriously she at least has to match

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Nichicakes said...

oh my god that is hilarious... your sis is living the good life even with a mismatched kid.
my little brother wanted to wear cowboy boots everywhere, with shorts his swim trunks etc. embarrassing but hilarious now.