Friday, January 2, 2009

The Love Affair is Over

Dear L.A.,

It's my last day here in this smoggy town and I'm feeling melancholy. Change is hard. Your tall buildings captivate me, your residents intrigue me, your bars have supplied me with many hangovers, some cool party friends, a little debt, and some more skeletons to put in my closet.

The time has come for me to be realistic. Our economy coupled with the law school I have chosen to attend has left me with only one option...downgrade! But it is really an upgrade because all of my friends who i need right now to help me get through law school live out there.

Today is not a good day....I am very sad and choking on my tears. There are some very important people I am leaving behind. Not to mention the dream job I gave up. At least the sadness isn't dread it's just a little fear of the unknown. I promise to visit and maybe one day we will re-unite!

Love me


Amanda said...

The unknown CAN be a little intimidating. Hope the move goes well and as stress-free as it can be (if there is such a thing as a stress-free move)!

Eva said...

LA will def be different without you...but its only a short car ride away...and my house is your know that!