Thursday, January 1, 2009

Where did it all come from?

Ok, so maybe 95% of my stuff packed was an exaggeration. It must have been. Today I have worked my ass off from 730am till now--12 freakin hours. Cleaning, ten loads of laundry, more packing, shopping for cleaning supplies, and then folding, hanging, and throwing away. Now I know why I never do ALL my laundry at one time--because then I won't buy new clothes. I have soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many clothes that I didn't remember having and it hasn't been that long.

The cats hate the chaos and I'm bored. Sitting in this house with NO GAWD DAMN TV for three days is getting old. Tomorrow is the last day of work and then Sat. Im moving.

I think I am going to get a certificate in personal training. From what I have read so far its not hard at all and it costs about $500.00 total for material and the test. Best of all it's ONLINE! I can do that. Then I can work part time at the gym doing something I really like. Because its either going to be a bookstore, the gym or the perfume counter and so far no go on any of them. This economy blows. I also think I am going to cut my hair super short. Right now its below my bra strap and very ugly unless I spend an hour blow drying and curling it. Then its pretty damn cool to have long hair but who the hell has the time plus it ages me.

My new year already feels fresh. Moving and quitting my job was an excellent pre-game strategy. You know how you wake up and things just look and feel different and it feels good--well thats me, right now. I have to admit that the new roommate situation has me a lil edgy. Walking on eggshells here I come. Maybe spoiling him to death with a super clean fresh house and an occasional warm meal will make him like me more. Even though we have been very very very good friends for like 14 years! Living together always changes things. Hopefully, for the better in my case. He will inevitably bone most of my friends which could be awkward but my rule is KEEP ME OUT OF IT. 2009 is looking like a good year so far and they only get better. No joke I feel 100% confident that this year will be amazing. Except for the me being 30 thing that bugs me to no end.

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