Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Mark my words....

Any President who starts out with an 80% approval rate is only the product of a desperate people. It is misdirected. And what pressure that is. It's like people who develop romantic feelings for someone they share a tragic event with. It is shallow and it is not real. There is no doubt that Obama stands for issues very close to the American people's hearts.

He is one man--- the modern day opiate of the masses. I hope the world settles down and understands that things are not going to change over night. AND he will likely be credited for things that are natural changes. After all things like recessions and unemployment are cyclical and predictable. The past is the best indicator of the future. Fickle Fickle American people they need to take some advice from that hypothetical "reasonable person" we hear so much about.

This historical day came and went and the only thing I thought about all day was how much I miss my kitty cat.


Unknown said...

Thank you so much for saying that. I am glad someone else sees this the way I do.

Nichicakes said...

You know what I find strange about the whole thing... shots of people crying like he's the messiah. I understand that he gives lost (typo but I'm keeping it) people hope, and that's ok but crying over the fricken president like your 40 year old rock band groupie is just odd. Maybe because I find groupies weird in general... oh well the whole thing is just lost on me. Hopefully he does good things....

JD-Maybe said...

it's all just a little creepy. Its like crying from watching a cutesy Halmark commercial when the real reason you are crying is because you are PMS'g.

People are desperate for change and blinded by the hype.

He is my president and I wont be doing any bashing but I don't approve. However I do wish him and his family the best.

It's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it.

Anonymous said...

First off, I am not Obama's biggest fan. I almost had to shoot myself listening to a professor rave in class about yesterday and bash Bush this morning.

However, this post leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It isn't anything that you said explicitly, but there is an undercurrent that bothers me. To me, it seems you have already made up your mind that he will fail and that any positives that may arise from his administration will be caused by natural changes. If people want change bad enough they will eventually change, but leaders are needed to spearhead the effort.

He is only one man. That doesn't mean that he will not make great changes to the country and the world. He of course cannot do this entirely alone, but he may be the catalyst. George Washington is credited with being the father of the nation and while he wasn't alone in the Revolutionary War the whole thing seemed to hinge upon him. It is easy to be a cynic and hedge your bets. Sure the odds are against him, but time and time again Obama has defied the odds. History books are written about leaders who have defied the odds. The American people may be desperate, but that doesn't necessarily make them wrong. To pass judgment on Obama immediately either way is not what the "reasonable person" should do. Judge him on his performance alone.

In regards to recessions and unemployment they aren't entirely predictable and cannot be passed off as simply as you did in your post. Some people saw this coming sure, but not enough people were aware to prevent it. Hindsight is 20/20. If you know something the rest of the world doesn't why aren't your blog posts about your weekends in Paris and Cancun and spending the rest of your stock market money?

It isn't reasonable to think he is the messiah. But that doesn't make it reasonable to write him off right away. By all means don't drink the Kool-Aid first, but leave it as an option for the future.

JD-Maybe said...

C-Thank you for your comment. Yes my post was very simple and not directed at the educated people who back Obama. I wouldn't dare speculate on his failure. In fact it is in my best interest that he doesn't fail. All it means is that I now have to stomach an administration that takes different positions on issues than I do. But again thank you for being respectful with your "distaste," it is appreciated.