Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No no's

Professor K says there is a time and place for jokes and an exam is not the place. For example, our hypo involved a 17 year old girl named Candy who was in a bar with her step mom, getting wasted on some disgusting mixed drink. At which time Candy's step mom said, "If you drink 6 of these shots I will buy you any car you want." A picture of this drink was included in our exam packet. Anyway, apparently a student wrote on his exam,

"I need to find a bar that lets 17 year old girls drink."

Professor K did not find this amusing...he does have two daughters around that age. Although it is a little bit of a double standard since all and I mean all of his hypos involve characters like "Gangsta Girl" and many of them involve questionable careers such as stripping and drug dealing.

Then Professor K asks soccer ball bitch* the following question:

"How do we know P promised D ...?" All the while he did everything except send the bitch a text message to help her figure it out. One guy said he saw Professor K mouth the word to her and I saw him making hand gestures in the form of a paper. PROMISSORY NOTE DUMB ASS!

Professor K: "So Professor D came into the office with a shit eatin' grin on her face, I asked her what her problem was and she began to brag about how hard her students felt her contracts exam was. I called bullshit and sent my test for her students to read. Guess what.... YOU guys had the harder test. I told Professor D to take her sorry ass test out of my office."

*soccer ball bitch is a lil 4ft bitch with a 12ft attitude and one of these days I am going to kick her across the city like a soccer ball. It just fits I can't explain it. I look at her and I think of a partially deflated soccer ball.

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