Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pep Talk. Fail.

Professor K was all doped up on pain killers tonight. That is my guess. You see the man was thrown off a bull one time and his hip has never been the same. Not kidding. Today's post will be about a new study strategy and backhanded pep talks.

Last semester my weekends went like this: Friday after work I would stay in the office till 10 pm reading and briefing, Sat and Sun. I would spend about 6-8 reading, hours and hours of reading and typing briefs. Then before class I would have to read all the cases again!! As a second semester one L my reading efficiency has improved immensely. Reading a case 3x is no longer necessary. Thank god. During break I spent exactly ZERO hours studying, reviewing or preparing for this semester. It turned out to be a wonderful idea. Instead of reading the cases a week a head of time then wasting time reading them again, I have been reading and briefing the day of the class. What this has done has saved me a lot of time and aggravation of re-reading something I already read a week ago. Strangely, my anxiety is almost completely gone. I feel more prepared and the info is fresh. When you read and then re-read sometimes you come to different conclusions or second guess your comprehension which is not productive.

New plan: Friday-Monday (meaning Fri., Sat.,Sun., and Mon.) I will review LAST WEEKS reading, prepare flash cards and start outlining. Think about it....after lecture you usually get some new perspective on the cases anyway. I can also use the days above to read the note cases, read the full cases when needed, and just spend more time really learning the material. Personally, I think this is going to work really well for me. Now for professor Ks performance.

He was very mellow tonight, frighteningly calm. Professor K didnt call on me ONE time. It was nice. Since I'm one of the 5 he picks on constantly. Guess he gave up trying to bust my balls. To be honest I think he senses my insecurity and wants to encourage me to be more confident. I appreciate that and it is probably working. So he couldn't help but discuss the things he has noticed while grading the papers. This includes the red herrings and common mistakes. I think I missed every single issue he mentioned. He said the grades ranged from 1.5-4.0 which is a huge range. We will get all of our grades next Weds. Professor K did a great job of making me question everything I have ever claimed to know about contracts, which is stupid. Based on the other's reactions this is a normal feeling. It's been a long time since we took that test, it is impossible to think clearly about what we did or did not do.

Tomorrow is Crim law and Legal writing. Oh and my new 4 mile drive is amazing. Ah. Its so nice to be so close to school. My new house is coming along and the cats are good sometimes which is better than never. Life is good and getting better everyday. Back to business, no more stupid boy drama!

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Anonymous said...

sounds like a good study plan. keep up the great work! :)