Friday, July 10, 2009

Hostile lil' law student

So creepy transactions professor made a few comments about a girl we will call under cover freak (UCF)* being absent 2 class sessions in a row. The only reason he even discussed it was because it was her turn to brief. I don't recall him saying anything inappropriate or anything that would cause UCF to be such a complete bitch to him....but she was. Apparently some or one of our classmates told her that he had mentioned her absence. She came to class ready to KILL someone.

UCF's hostility was beyond your regular playful annoyance. She was outright disrespectful and rude and the whole class was uncomfortable. The whole time he questioned her about different aspects of the case she ignored him and just continued typing with her head down. She didn't even know the case! At one point the professor told her, "why are you looking at me like im pulling this shit out of my ass!" and she said, "I wont touch that." It was really much worse than that actually.

My law school BFF and I talk about this all the time, how the hell do you expect to be an attorney if you are that sensitive? Don't we need a poker face to succeed? I mean the guy rapes me with his eyes all day long and I tolerate it. Anyway, she bugged me and I wanted to bitch slap her. In fact at one point the teacher said, "Are you getting what I am saying Miss JD?" Just to prove to her that she was fighting just to fight and not even making sense. Of course I backed his creepy ass up because I have no tolerance for such temperamental bitches. I'm willing to bet that she is going to report him.

*UCF has pictures of herself french kissing her friend on her desktop background....Classy bitch, real classy!

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