Thursday, July 9, 2009


What has this world come to? You no longer have any need for real live communication with people. First of all this is coming from a self proclaimed narcissist so it is a bit hypocritical and quite frankly I think I could go without actually speaking to people for months. For some reason, today, I started to wonder what the hell is going to happen 10 years from now. Are we going to become less connected or more connected? In a way we are becoming more connected with friends and family that live in other states, countries. We can share pictures and videos and keep people up to date with our lives. On the other hand we are also communicating with our friends who live down the street using these methods ultimately creating an impersonal relationship.

There is something to be said about eye contact, and other non verbal cues. I think those interactions are necessary. What a weird is like when you type a word and it just looks wrong and unfamiliar even though you know it is right.

Text Messaging--I actually quit my last job via text and I'm not ashamed, she deserved it.

Face Book--This is how I touch base with my friends and even my mom!

MySpace--not a fan but it's a good source for finding dirt on people if you are so inclined

Twitter--fucking redundant god updating everywhere about everything do you really care? I doubt it.

Blogging--acceptable of course, its more substantive

Email--ask dad for money via email, break up with boyfriend via email, ask for a raise via email, complain via email....and the list goes on and on

Online dating--so mechanical and robotic ..takes out all of the thrill of meeting people in public and then looking forward to seeing them again. It's presumptuous and superficial and an excellent way for guys to hook up with a ton of chicks just for one reason...

Where do we go from here? How can we preserve and promote real live socialization?

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