Saturday, August 8, 2009


I have a saying or ten...but one that I like is "If you don't want to get caught...don't do it." I have also always wondered why the hell people, like murderers, and cheaters keep diaries or journals. It is absolutely beyond me how these people are so sure they won't get caught. Once upon a time I had a journal. I kept it tucked away between the mattresses (very original, I know). And just like you would imagine it was found. My boyfriend at the time was in my room, I went to take a shower and came back to find him hysterical. Yes, he read the page about the ex boyfriend I was still so in love with. The pain in his eyes was indescribable and to this day I shudder thinking about it.

Well, lately I've felt compelled to write about the things I think, the truth about the things I think and I just can't bring myself to take the chance of getting caught. A lot of people come to me with their problems and I appreciate the fact that they trust my judgment and trust me enough to open up and vent. Plus god knows I always need an ear so to reciprocate the favor makes me feel good. The problem is sometimes I listen to them and formulate an opinion entirely different of the one I actually verbalize. This is horrible and doing nobody any favors. It's just that sometimes I think you have to bite your tongue because the person will find out how their situation will pan out on their own. And hopefully my opinion is wrong anyway.

Sometimes I just want to write about it...and scream about it because not telling the truth is not me. The stress that my true opinions could bring that person is just not worth it to me. As usual this post is going no where. The point is that I really wish there was a top secret way that I could vent and say what i really want to say without the risk of getting caught.


me said...

There is, create a totally random blog where you spill all your secrets...

Anonymous said...

>>>"If you don't want to get caught...don't do it."

We all learn that one the hard way!