Sunday, August 30, 2009

My new life...AGAIN

I haven't even lived in my house for a whole year yet and I already moved out! My new life is sort of top secret. You see I moved in with my boyfriend. *gasp* And the worst part is he hasn't met my family, nor have I met his. I have never been one to do things the conventional way but this might be a little extreme? I am also finding that being domesticated is much more fun on a voluntary basis. Once you are sort of expected to be molly fucking maid or whatever, it just isnt fun anymore. Not that LSBoy expects anything, because he doesnt and he takes damn good care of me I might add, its just that I I dunno maybe im just in a funk again. Whats new?

I'm not entirely sure I made the right decision yet about this moving in thing but I'm inclined to think that the way I feel is just an adjustment issue. Because I really do love him and we were together 24/7 anyway so this doesn't change much. In Jan. I moved from L.A. to my law school city. My high school friend let me rent a room. That transition was nothing short of tragic. I went on a three day drinking bender that took a month to recover from and was severely depressed for months. I ended up putting my precious cat to sleep and got a boob job all in a matter of weeks. My coping skills are clearly lacking. In short this lil moody hissy fit I'm having is mild compared to that.

On a good note...I'm still studying away :) I guess the difference between living in L.A. and emersing myself in my studies and now is that in L.A. I didn't have this handsome boy coming home to me after work to keep me company. I have found the happy medium--date a law school student, fall in love, and study all day long. Then live happily ever after in gut wrenching student loan debt. THE END.

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je said...

good luck with the shacking up!! it's kind of a big deal/adjustment -- i mean, suddenly you've got a LOT less alone time, and a lot more figuring out to do about what the other person expects from you (and vice versa). i had a REALLY HARD time adjusting when T and I started shacking up. he did too. it was tough. not that there weren't perks ;) don't beat yourself up over not feeling happy or sure about it yet.

i have no idea how i'd manage to be with a LSB. if T was in law school too we'd be at each other's throats! but sometimes i'm jealous that people in my class that are dating each other at least understand each others' misery. plus, it's a built in study partner!