Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Talking and planning--Warning TMI

Today was horrible in so many respects. For starters, now that I am cohabitating I have to be creative when I need private bathroom time, if you know what I mean. I am not that girl who burps, or farts or does other humanly things in front of my boyfriend and I never have been. So I am strategic about it. I wait for the perfect moment if I absolutely can not wait until I am alone. Usually right when I need to take a shower. Well, the problem is that LSBoy looooooooooovvvves to talk to me when I am in the shower. It never freakin fails. I jump in the shower put the ipod on full blast and relax because doesn't everyone know shower time is sacred? No, not LSBoy that's when he comes pounding on the door. Today I had enough. I sighed when he came knocking, so loud that he said never mind and he sounded so defeated. Sad. I finished my shower and came out of the bathroom, there he was very upset. He asked me why I was so rude to him and I said, "Its time we have a talk, one I wish we never had to have but since you have this strange habit of trying to infringe on my PRIVATE bathroom it goes. Unless you want me to run to the nearest public bathroom every time i need to take a dump, which is not often mind you, you should leave me alone when I go in there and start the shower. I leave you could be in there having a grand ol' time and I would never dream of knocking on the door and killing it for you." (since we all know boys have fun in the shower, where girls are sweating bullets trying to take a secretive dump) Anyway, he was embarrassed but also amused. I call it growth.

Issue #2 Again TMI. I went to the Planned Parenthood spot to get some more pills. You almost want to wear a mask and a rubber suit when you go in there because you are not sure if the patients in the waiting room are getting pills, abortions, or treatment for STDs. The one I go to is in a fairly nice neighborhood so I don't get to grossed out. Today was tragic. This young girl was in there with her mom. Not even the oh so appropriate movie "He's just not into you" could distract her. She looked terrified. The bitter ass nurse called her to go back to the exam room and the lil girl did everything short of beg to get her mom back there with her. The nurse would not allow it. The terrified little baby girl of only 15 came out of the exam room at the same time as me. Her eyes were bright red, swollen and full of tears. This is purely speculation but I'm guessing either she was either diagnosed with her first STD or she is pregnant. Based on her reaction-- my money is on pregnant. How fucking sad. It was so sad that my eyes filled up with tears. I wanted to hug the little delinquent (again speculation) and comfort her, then maybe talk to her about her options. It was only by the grace of god that I made it to 30 without ever being pregnant or getting any diseases. Today her whole life changed, she will never be the same...her innocence is absolutely gone forever. Fuck.


You know those guys who shower you with gifts, attention, and compliments? Well, I don't because my boyfriend does none of the above. But let me tell you why it might just be better. The guys that I have dated that have worshiped me and built me up to think I was god-- all cheated on me or did me wrong in one way or another. You see if a guy finds it so easy to say things that he doesn't really mean then he probably can lie pretty easily also. Today I came out of the shower in my normal attire, tank top and jeans and out of the clear blue my boyfriend said, "you look absolutely gorgeous." I almost choked. The look of shock on my face was clear. Well, I dyed my hair and I guess he likes it. So the moral of the story is when you get a sincere compliment every once in a great while it is worth the wait. Because of that small gesture I have felt pretty all day and that's what boys are make you feel pretty inside and out. The end.


Anonymous said...

We also fix stuff and kill bugs.

me said...


awesome post.

je said...

I totally agree about that last thing. My guy isn't an effusive complimenter either. Not by a long shot. But when he tells me I look good, I feel damn good all day long. I don't trust a guy who's full of compliments all the time. But maybe that's just me.

What a sad experience at the PP. Wow.

JD-Maybe said...

idwsj--yes you sure do ;)

Reasonable--glad you liked hehe!

Je--Yes there must be something to this Im sure of it

Sunflowers said...

How do you not burp or fart in front of your bf? Do you seriously run to the bathroom every time you feel one coming on?

I just think it's funny 'cause it's the exact opposite with me. I will fart and burp with abandon! lol. I have no qualms about it. I like to feel comfortable in my own home. When we're alone, the door to the bathroom pretty much always stays open.

That said, I'm sure in the beginning I was more reserved. So maybe things will change around your place ;)