Friday, November 6, 2009


I was called ignorant today by someone I love and respect very much. This Fort Hood incident is causing a little turmoil in my life. This person we will call QP is under the impression that there will be a backlash against Muslim, Arab and Pakistani people because of that psycho psychiatrist. He said that this has "set him back" and may make him subject to unwarranted investigation by his employer. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NUTS. While i was speaking to QP I got the impression he was "pulling the race card." Which is so out of character for him. QP said that three other people made comments to him about their concern for him and the possibility of hate crimes towards middle eastern people. I'm so torn. Are American people really THAT hateful and stupid? Do they really believe that one fucking nut job psychiatrist makes it ok to racially profile soldiers? Really? Sometimes I don't think i am human because I do not understand people AT ALL. Or do I choose to keep my eyes closed because the truth is too painful? The problems are too large and my hands are tied.

Maybe I am living in a fantasy world where racism isn't as prevalent as it really is? I'm white I don't really truly understand racism. I've experienced hate directed toward me for being white and for being a girl but only like twice ever. Those experiences make you feel shameful, and super fucking angry. I suppose I could be more understanding but I feel like it's bullshit. I've dated guys from just about every background never thinking about their culture or ethnicity other than what kind of crazy mom's they will have.

I think ignorant is a strong word that should be used with caution. I am not ignorant, I may be naive but NOT fucking ignorant.Although I will concede to being naive I will also point out that those who worry about being judged are the ones who judge. Those who are suspicious are the ones who lie. Those who can't trust others are the ones that can't be trusted. That was sort of cryptic but I think you can see where I am going with that. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the news was oh my god he was a psychiatrist! I didn't for one second thing about him being Muslim. According to different news articles I've read the man had a history of combative relationships with his patients and wanted out of the Army because of his anti war on terror beliefs. Maybe the Army messed up..maybe they should pay closer attention to the mental well being of their soldiers. He fucking snapped. Virginia Tech sure does have bad luck with the psycho's.

How is racism still tolerated? How? I can't imagine what it would feel like to hate someone because of their religion or ethnicity. The only type of people I can understand hating are stupid people and I FUCKING HATE RACIST PEOPLE because they are stupid.

My deepest condolences to the friends and family of the victims.


Eliza said...

You are definitely not ignorant! But, unfortunately, racism is still out there in numerous guises. I would hope these things would be understood as they are_ this guy was a nutjob, period.

But this will give a small number of folks the ammunition to "reasonably" voice their concerns, which are tantamount to intolerance.

I am not sure how old you were after 9/11. It was insane how normally rational people began not only making comments about Muslims, but confronting people they perceived as Muslim. A friend of mine, a Sikh, was targeted in a parking lot and beaten up pretty badly. All because the three cretins decided that he was Muslim enough.

Not sure the point I am trying to make. Just that I want so much to get past the intolerance.

Metal said...

I understand where you are coming from, but as an Indian student who has traveled extensively in Europe and the U.S I can tell you that Racism is very much out there. I can feel it, when I have to go through extra rounds of checks at airports, when security eyes me suspiciously just because of the high melanin in my skin. It can be felt when no one would sit next to you in buses unless it is full. People don't like talking about it, but its there. When 9-11 happened there were hate crimes against Sikhs! because people didn't even know the difference between a Sikh and an Arab person. So your colleague QP is not too wrong in voicing his concerns. I am glad you had the guts to bring such a topic up, when others might have just ignored it. nice blog!

JD-Maybe said...

Thanks for the comments I love the feedback