Saturday, May 29, 2010


There are those certain girls one meets that touch your life in such profound ways you just can't forget. With time and circumstances distance becomes inevitable. I find myself longing for those days when I was with these girls all the time. I dedicate this blog post to Disney and my Lil Nugget. Two extraordinary women that touched my heart and soul to the core.

It all began in February of 2007 or 2008 not sure ;). I had just taken the LSAT test and acquired my first "law job." I worked as a law clerk for an amazing real estate attorney. He was excentric and unique but he gave me disney and my lil nugget wings and we took it from there.

We spent a lot of time together from out diet competitions, work out dates at the beach and the mountains to our wild nights out on the town. And throughout it all we mentored each other, listened to each other and were always there for each other. God I miss those girls.

I learned so much about myself from these girls and my heart aches today because--growing up is hard to do--and the distance between us is to big--and i need them to always be there even though we don't get the same quality time we once had.

We went through so much together. Sitting in Fredo's office late at night, eating all the yummy treats Uncle Timmy so graciously bought for us and just talking about anything and everything under the sun. There was so much respect among all of us and so much opportunity.

Now Disney has a JD DEGREE!!!! and is doing barbri god im so proud. And my lil nugget is still learning the ropes but doing such a great job at growing up to be a beautiful self respecting young lady who wants nothing more than to make this world a better place.

I love you girls and I feel sorry for those girls who say that they dont have girlfriends.


Unknown said...


Thank you.

Eva said...

I've read this a couple times already and never know quite how to comment in the less-than-three-sentence-comment-rule, so i say this: I feel the same exact way and this is is a great reason why we are "lifetime" and not "seasons" ;)

Ps. I rarely cry...thnx for always seeing the light within me, wouldn't be anywhere near where i am without you.