Sunday, May 30, 2010

Will Power

I'm thin but I'm mushy and it's summer so I need a plan. Normally I can set my mind to anything and I will achieve it. I'm determined, discipline and a pro at brainwashing myself. Which is why I suck at love. I digress.

Anyway, my thing is sweets, I love chocolate, I love cookies and so does LSBoy so we eat something sweet with every meal. Its TIME, time for me to get back to me the gym rat--the skinny fit gym rat. I love the gym, I love people watching and working myself out so hard I almost pass out. Euphoria! I just can't find the umph to get going. It's so much easier to just say fuck it I still fit in my clothes so I don't have to stop. The thing is those ten pounds usually just appear out of no where. One day you wake up and nothing fits. It's not a gradual thing. The good news is that the girls at my new job are not pigs. They are all thin but not obsessive thin--they just dont munch all day. So I would look like a fat pig if i was munching all day, therefore i dont.

Hitting 32 soon gotta get on it. I've noticed in court that most of the women attorneys in my area are frumpy and gross. I wont be that girl. NO WAY.

This post is even boring me.

Wondering about LSBoy and I? Well lets just say I've put deposits on THREE apartments and backed out of all of them (in the last 5 months) I don't know what it is we are hooked on eachother like crack and I haven't been able to leave. We haven't fought in a whole month which is a record. Like a wise girl once said (recently lol) if you cheat you WILL get caught. So i've given up on trying to invent shit. And I trust myself more because I don't have that wandering eye anymore. And you know if you trust yourself you can trust others more easily.

Ok Im bored with this but I have a story--topic--whatever that I want to hash out when i have more energy. About Ex's...Do you really miss your ex or are you just lonely? Cuz I dont miss any of my Ex's but I do tend to communicate with them when I am single. And I always realize they are the same guys they were before I broke up with them. Somethings never change so why waste my energy.


Anonymous said...

wow, what an absolutely awful person you seem to be. won't be back to this blog...

JD-Maybe said...

umm well ok! Thanks for stopping by lol!

Eliza said...

Wow, anonymous, what got up your ass?

Good luck on the gym rat stuff. My husband has finely admitted that we both need to drop tonnage, so we are getting into South Beach. It was the only lifestyle I could imagine living with. And good on ya, hope LSBoy and you are doing okay. That's all I'll say about that because every relationship is miserable/happy in its own way. No words of wisdom can really help.