Wednesday, June 30, 2010


oh how fun
11:52 PM

11:52 PM
look at what my mom wrote on fb
11:53 PM
"ok went 4
wheeling and only lasted an hour mainly beacuse the dog was going to
drop dead I swear he sat in a slew for 30 min all these slews are like
being in the desert all that blue water and no way to get into it and
it is hot as hell"

11:53 PM
is that english? so i said "where you doing that alone and were you riding your dog and what is a slew?"

i know right LSBoy said "i dont get it" cuz im laughing so hard 11:55 PM

lil nugget

Hahah 11:55 PM

you know how bugged out i get when people dont speak english to me 11:55 PM
remember Vs writing

11:55 PM
i used to say what the fuck did you just say 11:56 PM

lil nugget:

Hahahh...and when people say YEP

11:56 PM
Ha 11:56 PM


ewwww 11:56 PM
thats too funny

Lil Nugget:

I cud picture ur mom with a bandand on and a high class bro-ho 11:56 PM

Lil Nugett
Except for the ho part 11:57 PM
11:57 PM

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