Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Nice to Meet you Ms.Dangerfield

My Evidence teacher looks just like Rodney Dangerfield. For a long time I kept thinking, hmmm who does she remind me of. When it dawned on me I promptly found an image on my phone and showed the girls next to me. Needless to say we had uncontrollable giggles for the next half hour. Good thing Ms. Dangrfield NEVER makes eye contact. Weird. I plan to find her in the Court house tomorrow. She is HEAD Prosecutor.....and I just so happen to be at the Court house every day so I think Ill see if she makes eye contact in Court. She has a very weak presence I'm hoping its her poker face.

Other than that some light bulbs have officially gone off. Having a job actually doing law really helps you see the big picture. I feel like I am really learning how to practice law and I also feel that I have a huge advantage over my classmates that don't have law clerk jobs.

Today in Court I watched my boss KICK opposing counsels ass up one side and down the other of the Court room. I was SOOO proud. I tried not to smile because I didn't want the judge to notice. My boss may not be the very best attorney but he is the BIGGEST BULLY on the block--hands down. And although I don't always agree with his strategy--it is effective. Hearing him throw out F bombs and scare the piss out of people is sometimes very funny.

More and More every day I find myself having philosophical debates about integrity. Watching "good people at their worst" is sad and enlightening. It has helped me figure out what I never want to be in life. We have to value integrity or we will fall apart as a society. We need to have respect for eachother. I won't go all Buddha on you.

And on that note...what is it about facebook that turned everyone into modern day philosophers? Everyone has these ambiguous quotes teasing you with parts of their drama by way of quotes and sayings. Most of which I find to be quite cliche' but hey to each their own. It's just a weird phenomena. Its a contest who can come up with the most "profound" quote of the day. And the god quotes and bible citations kind of annoying. Especially when you know damn well that person is a hypocrite. Opiate of the masses?

Anywhoo, LSBoy and I are doing just fine. He has made some serious life changes for me and I couldn't be more appreciative. I don't know why that boy loves me but he surely does. And if for some reason he chooses the wrong path in life (i.e. being like my shady ass clients) then so be it. I'm tired of trying to preemptive stop it. He's a good man and if he makes a bad choice we will both survive. Although I don't think he has any idea how extreme my fear of him cheating is. I try to keep it to myself.

I had two dreams this week both of which made me cry so hard in my dream, the kind of cry that you feel at the bottom of your gut and your whole body just heaves with sadness. That's the kind of cry I had when my last ex (first love etc) cheated on me after we decided to try another go out our relationship after nine years apart. When that thought enters my mind thats when the fear sets in. But---I'm over it. I'm doing big things and I'm not to bad at it.

I'm going to be one big, bad ass, attorney, making lots of money and making heads spin just like my boss. I can't wait. :) Happy studying 1Ls.

Total cluster fuck of a post....sorry.

Miss me...

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