Thursday, August 19, 2010

Walk before you run...

I hate walking! There is not enough time in the day for me to learn all I need to learn. I spend all day learning. My brain hurts and I don't retain anything. I want so bad to be good at what I do.

My Trial Advocacy teacher is a judge at the court my boss is usually in and he doesn't like my boss. My boss is a bully. Great.

My LAW teacher died. I'm so sad I was quite friendly with him.

Can someone explain to me how one's networth goes down when they marry someone rich? I don't get why if you remarry your child support from your ex spouse will go up. Help.

I'm tired.


Michael said...

Bad news... :-(

I also experienced a lecturer dying - albeit after I'd finished my LLB. :-(

Your boss sounds like someone to avoid.

Anonymous said...

i just read about 5 posts. what a vile person you seem to be.

JD-Maybe said...

thanks about you go fuck yourself