Thursday, September 30, 2010

I hate ....and I love

I hate when people say "really" in the way that means "are you serious" it sounds so stupid and valley girlish.

I hate when people say "just sayin" oh my god this phrase started being over used about 2 years ago and now it makes me want to throw up.

One word that will never die is "dude" and I think its ok even when I accidentally call my dad dude.

I hate when people are sheep and this causes me great distress. How am I ever going to work for someone and take orders? I used to be able to but now that I have a degree, I guess thats why, I just can't be subordinate.

So guess what.....I QUIT MY FUCKING JOB! Yes, that wonderful once in a lifetime job, yes I quit. Why you ask. Well because I don't agree with the "Case Management" procedures or lack thereof. Because I'm tired of watching grown ass men cry, because I'm tired of talking to irate people and not being able to help them because I AM NOT A FUCKING LAWYER YET. Thats why.

So....maybe Im a huge dumbass and I will be poor and unemployed for ever but at least I have my integrity intact and at least I know how NOT to run a law firm.

The end.


je said...

wow... sounds like there's a story there! i'm intruiged... what kind of law firm was this?

Anonymous said...


Job = good.
Unhappy = bad.

Tough choice. That being said, I guess it depends on what you feel your prospects will be when you get done with school in a couple years.

That being said, a lack of case management, internal policies and procedures, etc. would probably be a deal breaker for me as well.

Nichicakes said...

Good god you must really hate to talk to me because I say that sort of thing all the time!

But my really is ala Stan from South Park which is totally different....

Eh maybe Im just so charming that you tolerate me talking like a tard.

"Just sayin" makes my skin crawl too and I'd like to smack a bitch when someone says "The whole nine yards" and if Nick says "The KITCHEN" one more time I will throw him out the house.

I think Im going to bring back old saying like "shucks" and "gee wilikers" just to be original....

Hikari said...

Do people still say Dude anymore? Gosh, that's horrible.