Monday, November 8, 2010

Well Hello there Internet!

I had to take a break because I was on the brink of a self-induced catastrophe. I went into hiding until the dust settled...just in case anyone was really that curious about me. That person would have to find my blog and I don't think I am worth their time. But you never know and it's better to be safe than sorry.

I have learned some hard lessons over the last few weeks. My first taste of the dog-eat-dog world of lawyers. It's dangerous out there. The saddest lesson I learned was that you really can't trust just anyone. You have to be strategic at all times, there is always someone waiting for that opportunity to throw you under the bus.

Are lawyers and soon to be lawyers really all destined to be numb and heartless? Is there a time in every lawyers career when the clients stop being important and money rules all? Will we all focus on quantity vs. quality? I feel like a five year old who just learned Santa is fake.

I am not naive by any means but I did believe that it was possible to work hard and make a lot of money. I did believe that each client should be given quality attention. So far everyone tells me I am disillusioned. So sad. Guess I'll be poor but at least my integrity will be intact.

On a fun LSBoy and I were partners in a mock trial. Oh my god it was so fun! We kicked ass! The best part was the guest judge was THE SAME JUDGE who presided over that murder trial i was obsessed with a few months back. Is that ironic or what?! He recognized me too! All three judges complemented me, said I had a very calm comfortable presence. Don't tell them that I took a shot of vodka before class. Hey it worked! I was so proud of LSBoy, he looked so handsome and professional up there. I'll tell you what, you NEVER want to be cross-examined by him, he will make you cry!


Nichicakes said...

What?! Santa.... is fake?

Hehe I'm so excited for you being all lawyer-y and shit! You make me very proud to be your friend.

JD-Maybe said...

Awe, thanks Nichi! I'm proud to be your friend too!

je said...

Ha... I'm suffering from some law school disillusionment too. As per usual, you're speakin my language. Your mock trial sounds awesome! I wish I had a famous murder trial judge presiding over mine. Hell, I wish I was doing a mock trial again. That beats boring federal courts and the rest of my boring classes this semester.

C'est la Vie said...

ok wow you have seriously spiked my curiosity..Are you in law school I would like to think you are. I don't know if like is exactly the word I am looking for. but, I hate to call you niaieve (sp) are like someone said illusionist but i think you are in for a rude awakening. Are maybe sounds like you are starting to smell the coffee....I was just like you once. Thought lawyers and judges were there to find the truth..Ha ...its all about money and who you know...doesnt' matter The truth anymore. well maybe that is not totally true...Something happens when you go through law school. Maybe it is brain wahsing...not sure..Cult? Not sure..But OMG..!