Saturday, September 18, 2010


My employer's office is directly behind the court house. Due to the nature of my job I spend a lot of time filing documents and sitting in on hearings. I also have the great pleasure of having two professors who are judges in this court house. One is a criminal judge and one is a civil judge. My boss is a family law attorney so I get a taste of everything anytime I want.

One day about two weeks ago I was wondering around the court house and I found a murder trial. From that day forward I spent any free time I had sitting in on this murder trial. The facts of this case are simple but tragic. A gang member allegedly shot and killed an innocent man because he "disrespected him". The evidence against him includes, dna, gun powder residue on his hands, a few witness id's and a license plate id. Oh and the bullet in the victims body was shot from the gang members gun. The defense was "no motive." and I'll quote the defense, "gangmembers are human beings too."

I have had to try really hard to control my emotions, there were many times when the victims bloody body was shown on the overhead projector and the victims family's gasps and crys made my body shudder.

I found myself begging that dick face to turn around and look at me so I could tell him I wished he died instead. It's so emotional.

The verdict comes out Monday. I will always remember my first murder trial.

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