Monday, September 27, 2010

Perpetual Misery

I am so tired of being such a debbie downer. God help me! I have about 200 billion books on happiness and the such, think it's time I pull one out and re-read. I am in charge of myself, and my happiness.

I have a nice home, a wonderful child (kitty), a lovely boyfriend, a fantastic sister and brother...a job and my health. What the fuck else do I want from life!

Time for a recharge. Need to get out of this long ass rutt. It's been a two years that I've been an asshole. Two years too long.

So....with your support, here I go, happiness here I come.

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Nichicakes said...

Isn't it funny about life, you have everything but still there's always something that can easily get you down... I always think that years of things being so shitty that I dont know how to be happy sometimes.

Well cheers to your happiness you deserve it chica!