Sunday, December 12, 2010

New Job, Exams, and Bitch find your own man

Despite my fear about quitting my dream job with Satan and never working int his town again--- I managed to land another dream job. This time with a gal a year younger than me who is doing big things! She's adorable and not used to having staff, which is nice because she treats me like an equal and sometimes like a potential friend. She is competent and best of all ETHICAL. I'm back to slaving over motions and points and authorities and crazy family law clients. God I missed it. I wasn't planning on working but I couldn't resist when she offered me the job. I had worked with her when I worked for Satan. I even wrote a few scathing letters to her...luckily they were signed by Satan so she doesn't know they were my snide remarks. It wasn't personal anyway. So far so good.

I studied so damn hard for Evidence and the teacher only tested on Prior bad acts, Impeachment for lack of truthfulness and competency. No privileges, no similar happenings, no habit evidence----nothing. I need a hypo I can chew on, not a call of the question which states, "Did the Judge rule correctly using FRE 609?" Geezus let me figure out the rule of law at least. Whatever I probably failed.

Next exam is Biz Orgs. I thought it would be easy to study for because I have some biz background. WRONG. I just cant get the shareholder voting rules down. Cumulative voting and such. WTF!

Lastly, girls do not call your ex when you need help, it is so lame especially when you know your ex has a girlfriend. My man is also known as Captain Save-a-hoe, Save-a-bro and Save-a-Co. Fuck. The guy loves to help people and I think he does it because it makes him feel good to know so much about everything in life. There is nothing he can't fix.

But girls find your own resources and leave mine to me. Ok! If you mail him shit I might break it or throw it away. Then I'm gonna bitch at him about it so save us all the trouble and call the geek squad if you are having computer troubles. You wouldn't appreciate it if it was happening to you. Have some respect. Yes, I know my man should tell the hoe's no but he's a dumb guy and he doesn't think that deeply into it. However, if you live across the country and you haven't seen or talked to your ex in years dont appear out of the blue because of some stupid ass computer problem. I would never do that.

Like my biz orgs teacher would say...Whatev

Oh yeah, I'm going to Hawaii for Xmas, be jealous.

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