Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day Two

Today I feel sad. Last night my sister and I had a few cocktails and locked ourselves in her room, turned the music on full blast and danced so long and hard I almost died! It was a two person rave! And I felt euphoric, the problem with that is coming down from that high...and here I am now feeling like shit.

I haven't gone this long without talking to LSBoy in almost 3 years. I know this is going to be a roller coaster and that is why I decided to blog about it. Make sure I get "it" all out.

So here I am, hungover and in transit to my next living situation until my final destination is ready for me to move in. Plus I have to order a bedroom set because I got rid of ALL of my stuff when I moved in with LSBoy. Big mistake.

Maybe I'll feel better later....

OH by the way I "accidently" signed up on a dating website and I desperately need help figuring out how to delete it. Dumb drunk girl!! I def don't want to date now.

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