Saturday, November 12, 2011

Best....Hopefully last...Conversation EVER

So you are going to think I am a huge hypocrit but I caution you to remember that my insights, if you will, come from hindsight. The mistake was made and quickly fixed. Exactly 7 days after LSBoy and I broke up was the pinnacle of my sadness. My feelings were all over the place and my judgment was missing in action. I called "The Ex" and I also called "The other Ex" my two old boyfriends. Can't tell which of the two outranks the other but I was with both of them simultaneously throughout my life and also separately.

Both of these poor fella's have some strange attraction to me. Either of them, at any time would drop everything to do what I wanted them to do. However, if either of them were mine exclusively the affinity would die in a matter of months. They are both addicted to me and we are all toxic for eachother. Anyway..............The ex and The other ex run in circles that sometimes overlap. And unfortunately for me last night they did just that, overlap. This led to the following conversation between "The ex" and I.

Last Night from The Ex: I HATE YOU

Next Morning
Me: Why? What happened?
Him: jk. I just wanted attention last night, good thing you didnt respond. What are you doing?

Me: Going to BFF#2's GMA's 90th Bday party. You should call your girlfriend if you need attention, just saying.

Him: Tell BFF#2 I said Hi. So I was told something that bothered me last night by the fat plumber. He said that you called "the other ex" the same night you called me, and I did call my girlfriend fyi.

Me: Ohhh...I beat you at your own game, lol! And fyi I called "the other ex" before I called you. And our mutual friends told me that you are a liar and you cheat on your girlfriend all the time, you were just playing the good boyfriend act to get down my pants, nice try.

Him: Im not playing games, and now my feelings are hurt. Now I know why we dont talk, you are a bitch, and you are mean spirited.

Me Dude you need to be real...for just once in your life. You lie, you Manipulate, and you always cheat. I feel sorry for your girl. you are gonna fuck her head up when she realizes what a dick you are.

Him: my girl is just fine. we have an awesome relationship.

Me: Ok, well, Im just being honest with you. You are a liar. And yes I am a bitch but I aint no dummie. PEACE

Him: Peace

Him: Fuck off!

Me: Lol, Ok!

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