Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Red Flags revisited and the Anger Stage

Today was a very important day for me. It was the day that my case was up for oral argument before the honorable hotstuff. I worked DAMN FUCKING hard on my motion and I worked damn fucking hard all semester to do everything perfectly. Because I am the only person in the class with real legal experience I had a point to prove...and LSBoy knew it. He knew how hard I worked to win.

Unfortunately, my law firm consisted of LsBoy and I. Have no fear--- I always have a plan B. I arranged for the division of the work in such a way that did not require any collaboration between him and I. In other words I did all the work. The only task for LSBoy was to do the oral argument based on my Motion for Summary Judgement. Big surprise 20 minutes before class this fool texts me saying he doesnt have my motion.He "left it at work." Meaning he has not even read it. Therefore, how the fuck was this idiot going to argue my points. Livid is an understatement.

Then just when it can't get any worse the Judge calls our case first and LSBoy has not even arrived to school yet. Which also means he hasnt read my motion yet. He comes fumbling through the door in a panic and lies to the teacher saying he just took his cough meds and he needed a minute before he could argue. Here's a tip asshole, vacuume once in a while or dust or clean up your filthy house then maybe you would be able to breathe. I digress.

We go up for argument and this fool pulls out his phone, the judge says, "Excuse me Mr. LSBoy do you need to make a phone call?" Fucking moron. He says, "NO I want to record myself." ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? RECORD YOURSELF MUTILATING MY ARGUMENT AND FUCKING OUR WHOLE CASE UP. Needless to say I had to step in here and there to button up THE MILLION HOLES in his argument. I have never been more happy I left him. Now for the redflag revisited...

When LSBoy and I first started "dating" if you want to call it that, since there were no dates involved. He would coerce me to come to his house under the auspices of "borrowing a book." This was second semester of law school; therefore, my enthusiasm and obsessive need to be prepared for class had not yet worn off. But stupid ass idiot me would let him borrow the book in exchange for him doing the briefs. That fool shows up to school LATE with my book and NO BRIEFS! He didn't even warn me so I could copy someone else s. Inconsiderate, unaccountable, and totally unreliable, selfish asshole. GOOD RIDDANCE. My motion won by the way, no thanks to his stupid ass.

ANGER STAGE, I THINK... and now for ONE glass of wine. Goodnight kids :)

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Rachael Parker said...

He sounds lamentable. That is so annoying to have to work with ex's.