Tuesday, November 8, 2011

On the Rebound!--Who? NOT ME!!

Break up and call an ex or “the” ex call someone….QUICK, ego is broken need to fix it ASAP! Not me! Over the past three years I have received about a half a dozen calls from ex boyfriends who have found themselves single again. Sometimes guys that blew me off for another girl call me when they are done with that girl. Every once in a while I would have a short chat with these guys but at the end of the day why would I want to be the fall back girl? The girl who fixes, albeit temporarily, the bruised ego of some stupid guy? To put this in a different perspective, I have been vulnerable, scared, sad, angry all of those things during the past two and a half weeks but the thought of calling an ex is not appealing to me because to me it’s an insult. “Hi, I haven’t talked to you in a while, or I left you for someone else, but now I’m alone …are you available to stroke my ego?” It’s weird how age gives you a different point of view on things.

You will all be glad to know that I have not broken any of my promises to myself. I have not been self destructive by ANY means. In fact I have been healing and reading and loving myself—a lot! Maybe even spoiling myself a bit but who cares, I deserve it and it has been way to long.

Today I told my very good friend a story about a book I am reading called psycho Cybernetics and the theories of visualization. I explained to him that in my law school bar prep class each of the assignments I have turned in have been CRAP! The teacher was actually concerned about my writing etc. But the other night I visualized my teacher saying that my paper was the best. I visualized it in a very detailed manner. Guess what!!!! Teacher passed my paper out last night in class as an example of a good analysis! Amazing, right? Ok…so no news is good news. I’m not counting days anymore and I’m not holding on to hope for a love that never was. Moving on and moving up—all on my own!

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Anonymous said...

Good for you! Grab the world by the balls and make it yours! U deserve it! Besides, I do not think there is anything else for you to possibly do in yr situation. You have done, read, and thought every imaginable thing so far. All u can do now is heal through time. You WILL get there!