Friday, November 25, 2011

Pop Culture and New Adventures...mostly rambling

Wow! Who knew--all this interesting stuff is going on in the world. This is what I just finished reading:

New York Magazine: which taught me about beautiful properties in the Hamptons, dark lipstick is back "in" Mathew Maconaughey is a wonderful Dolce & Gabbana model, Tiffany and Michael Kors have some super cute new stuff out

O the Oprah Magazine: yes I know, I'm not a drinker of this Kool Aid but I have a lot of extra time on my hands now--surprisingly this magazine wasn't full of her propaganda. In fact the theme of the issue I just read is "Adventure" and I must say some of the stories were outright inspiring.

For example this girl, Catherine Price took a trip to Tokyo without researching or using a guide book. She relied strangers by showing them questions she had typed on note cards in Japanese and English. What an adventure!!! I am on a tight budget but it is taking everything in me to not pack up my car and just start driving somewhere.

This is relevant to me because one of my biggest set backs is my inability to handle spontaneous events. This is problematic because as a lawyer you have to be ready for everything. In fact the job is all about swinging at fast balls all day long. I have to plan everything, and I do it carefully. God forbid something doesn't go according to plan, I will melt down. My new belief is this is one of my biggest problems, letting events and people define me--instead of just existing and being myself.

Then I accidently bought a Jewish magazine, not that i have a problem with that--because I don't. Anyway, there was a wonderful article about forgiveness written by Rabbi Rami Shapiro "The Essence of Forgiveness." Here is my favorite quote:
"Most of the hurts we experience are not meant for us. They are by-products of the suffering others are feeling. The truth is that most of the pain and suffering we feel isn't directed at us at all." Focus on forgiveness as an attitude!

Chanel No. 5 is kind of great. Chanel Jersey, not so much. Aqua di Gio needs to be outlawed, I hate that shit. Oh it's been one month and one week, I sort of missed LSBoy yesterday. Mostly I feel relieved still and sometimes angry. Thanksgiving was great my brother made the whole dinner and it was absolutely fantastic.

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Paragon2Pieces said...

That quote on forgiveness is good stuff.