Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Rage Lives On--But Stella will get Her Groove Back, Believe That!

First of all this bitch here is kicking ass and taking names in law school and my boy bff whom I will hereinafter refer to as R, said, "Im glad you are finding more productive ways to stroke your ego." DAMN STRAIGHT. Instead of going boy crazy like I did as a young gal, I am busting my ass at work and school and that shiz is paying off. I feel so good about myself AND people are noticing. This learning to love me stuff is really fun, if you have the courage, patience and wisdom to do it.

Not to say Im out of the woods entirely because today when LSBoy flaked on me for the FOURTH MOTHERFUCKING TIME to bring me the rest of my shit. I. almost. killed. this. dude! I told my boss she may have to bail me out tonight. FUCK! Same shit, he is so UNRELIABLE. HOW FUCKING HARD IS IT TO PUT SOME CLOTHES IN A SUIT CASE AND PUT IT IN MY CAR?!?!?!? THAT GUY CANT GET SHIT DONE E V E R!!! I was so furious. Why can't you go somewhere and fuck yourself, while I pick up my belongings?!? Why? Do you think I am going to steal from you? Do you think I care if I see some panties lying around? I DONT FOOL----I LEFT YOU! Shit man.

So, I flipped the fuck out and R tried to wire me money to buy clothes because I was saying I'm sick of wearing the same 4 fucking outfits I packed when I left a month ago! But of course I wouldn't allow him to do any such thing, but what a guy, what a fucking thoughtful, considerate guy! Fuck!

So today was the Case Management Conference before the honorable hotstuff (I have an old man fetish) anywhoooo--after I flipped the fuck out on LSBoy via IM, I decided to take my sorry ass home, shower, hair, makeup and ironed my fucking stupid lawyer looking shirt-went to school-and argued the shit out of that case and WON! Thats right kids, my client got her job back, 100k and attorney fees. LSBoy, my partner in this project, just sat there looking bored. GAWDDDD! I was on fire though!

My sweet angel girlfriends said when I was done, "You look so beautiful arguing" I have never had a greater compliment! AND hotstuff only talked to me, he ignored LSBoy because I think it's pretty apparent that LSBoy doesn't do shit.

Long, boring story later, He managed to pack my car with some clothes and my beloved purses, I almost feel whole. I just need my shoes and my jewelry and then Stella will get her groove back, oh yeah--watch out!

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