Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Am I still in Law School or is this a Dream?

This is my LAST semester in law school!!!! It has been an amazingly long and trying journey. My whole world has been on pause for four years!! Soon I will have to be assimilated into society all over again. Bitter sweet, is what it feels like. My law school friends and professors are my family, my favorite people because I can relate to them and they can relate to me. They understand my strange rants about what is right and what is wrong--and they know a part of me that many do not. For example no-one but my law school friends know how much perseverance, dedication and drive I have or how damn hard I work. To my real life friends and family I am just simply an antisocial hermit or some think I am a pretentious snob who chose to not be around any more.

Saying good bye to this chapter feels very overwhelming. School is my security blanket. One of my classes this semester only has 7 students in it and we meet at a cafe. The teacher encourages us to have a glass of wine to facilitate more open dialogue. This is all very surreal. I am no longer the snot nosed 1L---I am the young soon to be attorney. I am speechless, do not even have a coherent train of thought. The unknown is very scary to me. What happens next?

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