Wednesday, January 11, 2012

When You Realize your Problems are Trivial

Not in the sense that you experience true tragedy or pain but in the sense that someone you loved dearly grows up to be such an amazing human being. My lil nugget is one of my "work girls" from M-Law. This lil girl was jersey shore before jersey was jersey shore--Snooky aint got shit on my lil nugget. By the time jersey shore became so popular my lil nugget had already moved on from the style of bronzers, big hair, cleavage and lots of jewlery. This little girls has always had an insatiable curiosity and hunger for knowledge and peace. Her and I spent hours walking 7 miles up PCH in Santa Monica talking and analyzing the world and human behavior.

What makes me so proud today and humble is the fact that in the four years since I have moved from LA she has traveled all over the world. Sometimes for school and sometimes for the non profit she works for and sometimes for fun. She has exposed herself to life and the world outside of the US. Today in her blog she writes,

"The more I travel, and especially being here, makes me realize my life in LA is not for me. Haven’t worried about what I am going to wear, where my phone is, all the stuff i want to buy (that I really don’t even need) and all the pretentious characteristics I deal with at home…all the stuff that feeds insecurity and what I dislike about myself, but can’t seem to escape."

I feel like part of me has given up on the thought of ever having the experiences she is having. As I have sold my soul to the devil otherwise known as SallieMae. For now I will live vicariously through her and continue to let her inspire me. The pride I feel about the big steps she has taken towards self awareness and charity literally makes my eyes water. Some people are blessings from god and she is one of them!

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