Tuesday, January 24, 2012

I feel it!!! Gratitude!

Today was great for so many reasons, simple reasons. First, I got a phone call from my client who caused me so much emotional turmoil last week...and.....THEY ARE RECONCILING!!!!! 26 years of marriage is worth it! I couldn't help but tell her that I wished her the very best of luck! She sounded surprised at my enthusiasm but her retainer is non refundable, so I'm all for reconciliation, at least in her case. On paper her life was perfect, when the divorce docs were done and ready to be signed her eyes got watery. Normally this wouldn't phase me one bit, but this particular lady seemed so unaffected and cold-- the watery eyes surprised me and made her human to me.

One of my most troublesome clients has been subjected to some outrageous allegations, which I will not go into detail about but I worked my ASS off on his defense and I think he has a very good chance at winning! I just had an overall good day today with my clients. They all love me so much and they are so nice to me--It feels absolutely wonderful to be trusted by these people. Their livelihoods are in my hands and they have so much confidence in me. It makes me so excited to take the bar, I can't let all these people down! They believe in me.

Out of the blue my best friend decided to read my blog, which she doesn't do regularly. (Shame on you!) Anyway, she reached out to me and said EXACTLY what I needed her to say to make me feel good today. She just somehow said the perfect thing and it made me so very grateful for her! I am a handful as a friend, I am very selfish with my time, and not very social. I don't think I would like me very much. That's what over 25 years of friendship gets you!

I did yoga last night and it was the perfect ending to a reflective day. A lot of shit in my head was released and today I felt so light. I just felt normal, not especially happy and not sad at all. That is the best way to be! Just to be!

I lost 5lbs! My boss is giving me a raise! AND my intern/slave starts tomorrow!

Through the depths of sorrow comes brighter days, that is for sure!


Paragon2Pieces said...

yup, sounds like a pretty awesome day :) well done.

Pollyanna said...

To my Oldest and Dearest Friend,

I come to you blog when I feel you are so deep into what is going on inside you, that you are not able to express in words to me or anyone what it is that has you "locked".   

We have been friends for so long that I have seen this "lock" time and time again.   I, for the most part get you.   I come to your blog when I suspect a "lock" is brewing.  When you are in what i fall your "lock" I wait because I know you are working it out and it will end up in what I call your diary.   Ok it's a blog, and some of your close friends know about it so technically it's not the diary we found our mothers keeping and we would read laughing (in a black floral print cover) but it still has the honesty of your inner most thoughts.

Its not what you say that brings me to read your blog, it's what you DON'T say.    That's when I come here.   You have always been able to put on paper your thoughts in a way I couldn't.   On paper I would try and lie to myself and make myself believe everything is ok.   YOU are brutally honest with others, in life and yourself!!!! That is why you will always succeed my dear friend.  Xoxo



Pollyanna said...

Ok I saw the spelling errors, it's just way to hard to fix on an iPad.....

JD-Maybe said...

and that is why I love my BFF <3 she is EXACTLY right, when I am quiet then I am working it out. I am still feeling the theraputic energy from this day. I think it's because I was BRUTALLY Honest with myself and it released me!