Friday, January 20, 2012

Skip the Club and Hit the Stair Climber instead

Save your dignity, 1000 calories, a hangover, and you can dance while doing it. Today as I dominated that gawd damn stair climber, I realized I pretty much dance while I'm doing it. Ludacris or DEV in my ear as I fucking work that ass! It is SO MUCH FUN! The endorphins are pumping through my veins and I'm dripping sweat. It's such a high. The best part is I don't come home with a bunch of random phone numbers in my phone, random text messages, I do not sleep in my clothes and wake up with a headache! I'm old---my clubbing days are over but my dancing days will never be over.

On another note...yesterday I had client meetings ALL day lone, one after another. I left with a heavy heart and a stomach ache. This morning when I told my boss how this job doesn't usually get to me but yesterday it did, she exclaimed, "THAT IS EVERY DAY FOR ME, IT SUCKS THE LIFE OUT OF ME." Now I get it. She spends all morning in court with these people and then meets prospective clients all afternoon. Sad story after sad story. Every single person who comes to us and wants to end their marriage nicely ends up getting stabbed in the eyeball by their soon to be ex spouse. Play nice people, please!!!! It's all very tragic. False allegations of child abuse, CPS, private investigators with raunchy pictures, nasty text messages, horrible face book posts and 26 years of marriage down the drain. THE GRASS IS NOT GREENER! I wish these people peace and I will channel my empathy towards working hard to protect them and get them what is fair.

Today is the 3 year anniversary of the death of my soul cat. Samuel L. Jackson, the cat died on this day 3 long sad years ago. It hurts today the same as it hurt the day it happened. Except it's double sad because I don't have his brother Spike here with me. LSBoy kept spike. My heart hurts for them. Oh man.....

I have been estranged from my family, except my sister since May--and my Grandma allegedly has bone cancer. My aunt called to let me know, since no one else will bother to fill me in. I called my brother, who I am also still speaking to and asked him for advice about this. He never had a relationship with any of these people so to him it's just "the right thing to do" to go visit my grandma--at least once soon. I, on the other hand, decided yesterday that my decision is to move on with my life and not look back. My family turned their back on me, for VERY, VERY stupid reasons. My Dad has caused me more heartache and trouble, and he surrounds himself with people who don't like me. Weird, right? They will not be getting graduation invites from me. Hope I don't die a lonely old hag.

Despite all this, I am really still quite peaceful. School is a lot of fun and I enjoy my job, most of the time.


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JD-Maybe said...

Well thank you very much. I would really like to expand my reach but I also want to maintain my anonymity. I appreciate you finding me, and I am glad you can appreciate my mindless ramblings!