Tuesday, February 14, 2012

February 14th also wouldve been 3 years today!

I managed to get through the ENTIRE DAY without mentioning that today would have been me and LSBoys 3 year anniversary. Can you believe it? Truth is, I was way too busy to even think about it for more than a few seconds but I am still proud. What I could not manage to NOT think about was Spike. He has been my Valentine for 9 years and this is the first year I couldn't shower him with kisses! I miss him so much. Today, I wondered if LSBoy ever even considered how cruel it is to keep me from my baby. I doubt it. LSBoy doesn't purposely keep me from my kitty cat, he is just to self absorbed to think of how I might feel. Busy, Busy, Busy little collector he is. Collector of whores and things, while I work 13 hour days and daydream about cuddling with my Spikey. Yeah, still a little bitter.

Been working hard, at work and at the gym. Feeling tired these last few days think Im burnt out. Worked till 11 pm twice last week. Tomorrow is (a) HUMP DAY; (b) YOGA and (c) ....better than today, because Im going to get some sleep, RIGHT NOW!

Happy St. Valentine day bloggers!

Maybe I would be in higher spirits if I reverted back to the old bad ass maneater girl of my youth?!?! This song here just reminded me of the days when well, I'll let you guess....

On that note:

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